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ETC provides electron beam irradiation treatment for a wide variety of products for a wide range of industries. By offering professional consultations, we are able to assist in the research and development of your product designs. We specialize in –

  • Providing clients with precise beam control.
  • Assisting in making the custom-design process economical
  • Delivering quality control that is reliable and reproducible.
  • Aiding with production planning to meet delivery needs.
  • Providing expert technical assistance through our dedicated staff.
  • Offering competitive pricing consistently lower than that of other providers.

Plastics Treatment
– Irradiation provides a practical means for altering the physical properties of a wide variety of plastics. The most important use is its ability to effect cross-linking, a process whereby polymer molecules link together in a strong, tri-dimensional network.

Irradiation of Semiconductors – Ionizing radiation has the ability to modify the structure of crystals in a variety of electronic components. The electrons from an irradiation source create new recombination centers for the holes and electrons that carry the current in a diode or transistor. These new centers change the speed of the device and modify its amplification or gain.

Research & Development – The continuing search for new and improved materials or product applications relies heavily on extensive research and development studies. Due to a wide variety of physical, chemical, and biological changes in materials that can be induced by irradiation treatments, we can play a vital role in your overall R & D programs.

Product Development – We offer accelerator time, trained operators, a technical support staff, and use of our in-house lab to assist you with your experimentation and research.


Conveniently situated between New York and Boston, our facility offers easy access to major highways and truck routes and is located just 15 minutes from Bradley International Airport.


Our professional staff will assist you at our state-of-the-art facility, which offers–

  • 20,000 sq ft plant
  • Executive board room
  • Secured storage space
  • Onsite Lab
  • Full loading dock
  • Kitchen and break room
  • Fork lift availability